Call for Bids: Royal Progress Road Trip

Selective map of the East Kingdom on an old parchment paper. The devices of the prince and princess are also on there. In the middle of the map is an X with dotted lines leading to several question marks around the map.

Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Matthias Grunewald (he/him) and Princess Feilinn Jossursdottir (she/her), desire to travel the great baronies, shires, and cantons of the East Kingdom in a royal road trip.

To make that possible, they need events to attend! Specifically, Their Highnesses seek bids for the following events for the upcoming autumn and winter season:

Sat. October 7th (preferred) OR Sat. October 14th (alternate)
Bids due by June 15th

Crown Tournament
Sat. November 4th
Bids due by July 1st

Twelfth Night
Sat. January 6th OR Sat. January 13th (no preference between them)
Bids due by June 15th

Championships (Rapier, Bardic, A&S, Youth Champion of Arms) 
Bids due by July 1st

  • These championships can be separate events.
  • The Rapier community would prefer its championship event to take place in November or December (if possible). 
  • Youth Champion of Arms can happen at the same event as Coronation or Crown.
  • All date bids will be considered, assuming it doesn’t conflict with other Royal Progress scheduling.

Their Highnesses also wish it to be known that they are always happy to receive bids sooner than the listed deadlines!

Event bids should be emailed to,,,, and

If you have any questions regarding event bids, please contact the Event Clerk at

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