Queen’s Favor – Feilinn

Queen’s Favor – Aesa feilinn
Elements – A blue background (DMC 796) with a white (DMC 762) Fehu rune and a gray (DMC 318) wolf. Feel free to use
other colors as they are available, within the general concept of blue, white, and gray.
Format – 4.5 inches wide, total length including belt loop, at least 8.5 inches.
Techniques – Queen Aesa feilinn hopes all contributors will have fun and be creative with making her favors, so she
welcomes all techniques, and is open to creative license. Favors can be done with embroidery, paint, applique, beadwork,
attached metalwork, or any other technique.
Finished Favors – Please include a note with your SCA name and your modern name and mailing address with any
favors you give. Favors can be handed to any of Queen Aesa feilinn ’s Retainers.

The Wolf-and-Fehu-Masked is suggested if you are doing block printing.

CLICK HERE: Google drive: PDF, SVG, .PES, and .PNG of the files.

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