Court Summons for Black Rose Ball

To our glorious populace of the East Kingdom,

Aelia Fortunata
Aethelthryth Kenricing
Anéžka​ Liška​ z Kolína
Cedric of the Floppy Hat
Cezilia Raposa
Kassandra Aiantide
Moire MacGraha
Serafina della Torre
Ulfric Volundarson
Ysane la Fileresse
Zohane Faber

have been compeared, commanded and summoned by precepts of Clare Constat, in liege postie,  to the Royal Eastern court of  

Matthias and Feilinn

At Black Rose Ball on March 30th in the Shire of Quintavia, hosted by Barony of the Bridge. Court will be at 2pm for all items.

Scroll with the list of names summoned to Black Rose Ball court.
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