Final Notes Regarding EK Crown Tournament

Parchment paper with the devices of the SCA East Kingdom king, queen, prince and princess devices on it.

“To the Combatants and Consorts in Our Crown Tourney, as well as all good gentles attending the event, greetings and good fortune:

Over the course of what will be a very busy and often stressful day on Saturday, please keep in mind that our time on the site is limited and therefore it is very important that we keep to the schedule. We will do our best to be on time on our end and ask that you do the same.

Gate opens at 9:30 for everyone, with a separate sign in line for combatants/consorts and MoLs/marshals to speed you through the line.

The site does not allow outside food inside the arena due to town Board of Health restrictions. They will be operating a snack bar with typical sports stadium food available for purchase, such as pizza, hot dogs, candy, and sodas. They are OK with “tailgating” if you want to bring your own food and eat it outside. Fighters may bring appropriate snacks and drinks to consume while competing. Likewise, no alcohol may be consumed within the facility or visibly in the parking lot, and there is no smoking in the facility.

The site has bleachers for spectators. If you aren’t fighting, please plan on watching from the bleachers, or standing on the field. Folks who need mobility-based accommodations may use chairs and mobility aids on the field. Please use care to avoid damaging the surface.

The procession of combatants and consorts will begin promptly at 11 a.m (line up starting at 10:45 a.m.). Unlike some prior years, the procession will be starting with the combatants and consorts at the top of the Order of Precedence. If you are unclear on the Order, this list has the combatants and consorts sorted by the highest precedence of the pair: Fall Crown Tournament List – Office of the East Kingdom Seneschal.

If a combatant or consort wishes to swear fealty during the procession, We ask that the fealty be very short so that we can move the procession along in a timely manner.

Following the completion of the procession, We will have a single brief piece of Court business.

Combatants, please bring your heraldry on a shield for proper list tree display. Creating a device shield for the Crown Tourney heraldry trees – EastKingdomWiki.

Finally, We remind everyone that East Kingdom Law requires consorts to attend Crown Tourney.

Thank you for your time and attention, as well as your assistance in making a difficult schedule a little less difficult.”

Matthias Rex and Feilinn Regina
Alys Mackyntoich, Court Herald

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